Play casino games online with live casino dealers that you can’t take your eyes off!

Playing casino live is the closest that online players can get to land based casino participation. Most online casinos today offer live casino as part of their attraction. Roulette and Blackjack are by far the most popular games played in live casinos right now. Having said that many other casino table games are also available, so if baccarat or craps is your thing you need not miss out on this popular online casino experience.

Live casino online is suitable for those who love to play via the internet but miss the feeling of being in a real casino setting. Playing casino table games live offers a casino backdrop which makes you feel part of the game in real time. You also get to play with live dealers on online casino.

To get a piece of the live action is not complicated. All you need to do is login, choose the game you wish to play, pick the table you want to sit at and you are good to go. Both roulette and blackjack are games that even beginners can get good at fairly quickly. Once you feel tempted to check out an online casino with live games there should be nothing holding you back. You simply place your bets like you would when playing regular online games or when at a table in a land based casino. A friendly live dealer will be dealing you your cards or spinning the wheel in real time as you place your bets.

The live dealers are more often than not young and attractive women. A good example would be the live sexy dealers at Guts live casino. You can forget the bimbo cliche – these girls are the bee’s knees! Exactly like in any land based casino, the online casino live dealers are trained as professional croupiers. The fact that these sexy girls are easy on the eye is an understatement and most definitively a bonus when sat at home on a grim, cold winter night.

The social aspect is a real advantage when playing in a live casino. Most online live casinos have a handy chat function so you can crack a joke with one of your fellow players at your table or have a chat with your approachable dealer. Customer support issues might take slightly longer to resolve due to the nature of live casino games but these are rare and usually your savvy dealer will sort things out for you then and there.

Like with any other online casino game you will be doing yourself a great favour if you keep an eye on the time and more importantly your bankroll as it’s easy to get completely caught up in the action and mesmerized by the stunning dealers.