Leading Online Casino Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Predicting the most successful trends in the online gaming industry can often be difficult, given that time and technology moves so swiftly. Online casino gambling revenues in the United Kingdom alone surpassed the £5.6 billion in 2018, according to the Gambling Commission, with figures beyond the £6 billion mark expected when the final 2019 figures are released.

For this reason, it certainly pays for the leading online casino providers to remain one step ahead of the curve, constantly on the look out for the next successful trends, along with the motives and technologies that drive them. These are three aspects that will play an increasingly important role in 2020 and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence Technology

You may already be familiar with Apple's Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa as good examples of artificial intelligence software and machine learning technology. These applications have instant access to huge amounts of online data, which, combined with our own as the software learns more about us, leads them to responding more suitably by providing tailor-made responses to our search queries. In the gambling and gaming industry, AI technology is already being implemented with success.

In 2020 and beyond, use of AI technology will undoubtedly become more widespread at online casino operators, and play a more important role, with the gambling industry keen to provide unique and personalised experiences for their clients. In addition, AI technology will have access to such an abundance of data that machine learning algorithms could bring huge improvements in detecting problem gambling, along with providing security and safety.

Developer Led Game Franchises

If you've played games at several online casinos, it's fair to say you'll probably have noticed that some of the same games frequently appear at multiple sites. UK based developer Microgaming is perhaps best known for their Mega Moolah slots game franchise, which is available to play at hundreds of online casinos around the globe. The market for progressive jackpot game franchises is growing rapidly and will continue to boom in 2020.

While slots have been the biggest focus for progressive jackpot games, the idea is also being adopted by other casino gaming genres. In May 2019, Mutuel Play launched their 'Bingo Millions' game, with Buzz Bingo becoming the first online venue to embrace the 90-ball variant. Proving to be an instant success online, with prizes up to £1.5 million available for a full house, Buzz Bingo are also considering offering 'Bingo Millions' at their land-based venues.

Increasing Female Participation

According to a number of recent surveys, more women than ever before are gambling online.
Indeed, a Statista survey from 2016 indicated there was almost parity between men and women who participate in some form of gambling activity, at least once a week. Other surveys have also found that women feel safer and more comfortable gambling online, compared to traditional land-based casinos and betting shops, which are mostly frequented by men.

Online casino sites are eager to cater for this trend, increasingly offering games that are more appealing to female players. There's also a concerted effort to remove gender inequality amongst employers in the gaming industry.
Auditing giant KPMG launched #WeAllWantToPlay as a hashtag campaign across social networks, encouraging leading iGaming companies to achieve male/female employment parity, which has met with a very positive response.