What “Free Play” offers at online casinos

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Just what does a online casino mean when it offers it's new players a "Free Play" welcome bonus? All online casinos have some type of "welcome" bonus that they offer there newly registered players once the open a "real player" account at their online casino. Most offer some type of deposit bonus where they will match your 1st deposit amount up to a certain amount as a thank you for joining their gaming establishment. Some casinos also offer "Free No Deposit" offers which are Free Chips that range usually between $5 to $50 depending on the casino. But in the recent past a new type of welcome bonus was introduced by Microgaming Casinos that quickly caught on by all online casinos and its called there "Free Play" bonus and what that really means is explained below.

"Join our casino and receive $500 for FREE and 1 hour to play", this is the type of promotion you may have seen at some online casinos and you might of thought to yourself, that is just to good to be true, or you may have thought, yeah right free money, that has to be a mistake and ignored it and went about your business. But folks this is for real, it is a huge amount of money given away for free and yes you can win off this bonus! Some of these promotions go even higher, I know of one online casino that is giving new players $2010 free for 1 hour of play! So when you see these offers, first thing I want you to know is, yes they are for real and its no mistake. The amount they show as free money is legit so register an account and get ready to try your luck on the casino! Next, what are the rules to this free money?

The Rules

1st of all you only get 1 hour to play, no exceptions. If you happen to lose your internet connection or the game freezes up on you, or any other reason why you may lose some time of your hour of play, its your loss and you need to get back into the games as quickly as possible because there is no "makeup" time.

Next, you do not get to play this free money in the "full casino", when you click the "start the free play" button, a mini casino pops up and you will have about one third of the games that are offered in the full version of the casino to play your free money on, also some casinos limit how much you can bet on these games compared to the normal amount of maximum bets you can make when playing in the full version of there casino.

How to win

First you need to understand you have a limit to how much you can win off this free money. The first rule is you can not cash out any winnings until you have made a least 100 spins. Now this may sound like a lot of spins but believe me, its over with in the first 10 minutes of play so you have plenty of time to play and win. Next you need to understand that you can quit playing at anytime. You do not need to wait until the hour is over and hope you have some winnings, if you have made your first 100 spins and then you see you are $100 over the original bonus money you can cash out right there and keep that 100$. But you need to have an amount that exceeds the original free money amount. So if the casino gave you $500 to play and your total at some point in play is $550, you get to keep $50.

Next, you can not just cash out your winnings and expect it in your bank account. What the casino does with your winnings is add it to your casino account, and then you have to meet wager requirements just like you would on any other type of bonus money. So if the casino has a policy that says you need to wager any bonus money 20 xs's before being able to cash out, then your winnings off the free money needs to be wagered that many times before you can request a cashout of real cash. There are many rules to these "Free Play" bonuses, so please make sure to read the "terms and conditions" for the bonus at which ever casino you choose to play at. Good luck and Happy Gaming!