What are Ewallets and are they safe?

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When its time to take that first huge step into online gambling and make that first deposit after finding the right casino for you, you will of course have those little nagging thoughts in your head, just like everyone else did their first time approaching the banking section of an online gaming site, is this safe? Do I really trust this casino, website, and the entire internet? Now most online gamblers especially those who live in the USA can not use their credit cards or bank accounts to make any deposits at online casinos so the casinos found ways for all online gamblers to deposit without using any credit cards or your bank accounts and these payment processors are called "Ewallets" and can be used by anyone from any where in the world!

I have personally signed up and used a few ewallets because I prefer using them because they are safe, I don't have to give any unneeded information every time I wish to deposit and most of them also allow you to withdraw your winnings from any gaming site right onto their cards! You can also use these ewallets in your everyday life like at the grocery store, retail stores, pay bills and withdraw cash from atms! Since the creation of online casinos, ewallets are the next best invention for anyone who shops on line too!

Some of the best and most used ewallets available are listed below:

  • Neteller – Not available to USA players for gambling, but can be used in the US for any other online shopping, International players are welcomed to use at casinos and you can cash your winnings straight back to your Neteller card and they also offer a Debit Card!
  • Wired Plastic Cards – These are hugely popular and are just like using a prepaid debit card. Just signup for their debit card and wait for it in your mail, when it arrives go to your local store that allows prepaid cards to be loaded and put whatever cash you wish to use on the card. It takes only minutes, then come home and go to your favorite online casino and make your deposit instantly.
  • Quicktender – No debit card is given with a Quicktender account, at least not yet, so in order to withdraw or load your Quicktender account you will need to link up your bank account or a credit card. Once you link one or the other or both up to your Quicktender account you will be able to deposit and withdraw into and from your casinos accounts instantly.
  • There are many other ewallets and prepaid debit cards available to use at any retail outlet store that sells them, and they all can be used to fund your casino accounts. They are easy to use and safe; making it much easier for online gamblers to enjoy their time spent at all your favorite online gaming sites. Look for names like, Fire pay, Ukash, Money Bookers, Click2Pay, ClickandBuy and Eco Card, these are all types of Ewallets that are available to most online gamblers and some even offer debit cards to make your withdraw process easy and fast.

There are always new Ewallets being introduced monthly to online gamblers and some have been around for years and have built a worldwide cliental that is growing by the day. Safe, secure and available to online gamblers making this form of entertainment once again simple and fun!