To Deposit Bonus or Not to Deposit Bonus? That’s the question

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There is a question swirling around online gamblers that has been debated over for many years. Is it better to gamble in a casino with a deposit bonus or without one? They say there are two sides to every story and this debate is no different. Let's discuss the pros and cons of using a bonus with your deposit and not using one and see which side of the coin you agree with.

  • Deposit Bonuses the Pros & Cons – Most online casinos offer there "new" players some type of bonus when making their first deposit. Now these bonuses are usually some type of percentage match on whatever amount you deposit. We will use the 200% match bonus as our example in this discussion and we will explain how it works. When you decide to take up an offer from an online casino to deposit and use their welcome bonus you will in fact then be agreeing to the "terms and conditions" of their deposit bonus rules. One of the first rules that come with playing on a bonus is the games you can or can not play. Most online casinos limit you to playing slot games, but no progressive games. Video Poker games are most likely allowed as well as most table games, but when playing these games only 50% of your wagering bets will count towards the "wager requirement" that comes attached to the deposit bonus. When playing the slot games, 100% of your wagering bets work towards you wager requirements, this is something that you must take into consideration when using a deposit bonus.
  • "Wager Requirements" are always attached to a bonus. They usually run anywhere's from 10x's your bonus up to 50x's your bonus and you really need to see what the casino is offering before deciding to take a bonus. You really do not want to take a deposit bonus from an online casino offer a 50x's play through; this is unbelievably hard to manage and is really a waste of time and money. Now if you take a 200% match bonus on a $100 deposit, you will in fact being playing with $300! $100 of your money and $200 of the casinos money, which will have a wager requirement attached. If the casino has a 20x's play through, this means you would have to wager that $300, 20 times before you are eligible to cash out any winnings. So that means you have to wager $6000 before you can even think about winning any cash. Now this can take forever and you may never make the play through before going broke, or you could hit something really good, and keep on hitting and make the play through with no problem and end up winningaand cashing out. One point I would like to make is that when you have $300 to gamble with, you are more likely to bet higher amounts giving you a shot at winning some "big" coin jackpots making it easier to make wager requirements then if you were only betting with $100.
  • But now if you made your deposit without taking a bonus you would be able to cashout any winnings you may accumulate immediately, no waiting for play through requirements to be met, just hit and run! For many online seasoned gamblers, this is the way to go. No fooling around with a casinos terms and conditions or confusing rules of game play, just make your deposit, play whatever games you choose and if you win, cash out! Pure and simple gambling at its best. But for those who want something extra for their money, there are deposit bonuses and all that come with them. So this is a decision that should not be made lightly, think about the pros and cons of all bonuses offered from any type of gambling establishment before taking them and make sure your up for the challenge of there play throughs and game limits.