Superstitions of the gambling kind!

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Don't walk under a ladder, If a black cat crosses your path you gonna have a bad day! These are some superstitions that have been around the world for ages and many people believe these and many more. Even gamblers are in on the superstition fears and bring it with them to there favorite online or land based casinos! I have been in a bingo hall and have seen first hand how some players go to the extremes to make sure they are surrounded by good luck charms because without them there's no way they can possible win! One lady had at least 5 elephant statues all with their trunks up in the air, [which means good fortune to some] all around here bingo cards.

Once I even saw a woman wearing elephant earrings, shirt, watch and a big over stuffed stuff animal of an elephant sitting on the table next to her bingo cards! So I thought it might be fun to make a list of some of the extreme things people do or don't do to keep the bad luck away when gambling. Here are the ones I know, maybe you know some more!

  • Never, never enter a casino through the front doors! By going through the front doors you have invited all the bad luck of the losing players who exited through those same doors to join you in your gambling adventure. Always enter a casino through the lesser used doors on the side of the casino or the back doors.
  • A big and very serious Asian community takes there gambling to the extremes by wearing everything Red, because this is supposed to be the color of good luck and fortune.
  • Never use a $50 bill in a casino. Very, very bad luck. This is a superstition that has been around for ages and probably explains why you never get paid from a cashier, floater or change machine in $50 bills!
  • When playing table games such as Poker, blackjack, roulette etc, never, ever count your money! Very bad luck to count your money while at any table game, always walk away from the game to check your funds or you may get yelled at by the other players because this superstition not only effects the counter or the money but everyone at that table!

Now let's discuss the "good luck charms" that gamblers will use or do so the gambling gods will shine prosperously down on them! Now warning some of these are so silly you may fall of your chair in laughter!

  • We all know the importance of washing our clothes, but some extreme gamblers will not wash the clothing they were wearing when they had a winning night at the casino. And they will wear these exact clothes every time they go to the casinos without ever washing them! Their line of thinking is, if I wash my lucky clothes I will was away the luck? So hopefully they were not wearing underwear that day or it could become a smelly problem for anyone unlucky enough to be sitting next to them! Lol.
  • Some gamblers will notice what they were wearing, what they ate, which way the walked into the casino, what game they were playing, what dealer was working, what coin amount they were using in that winning slot machine, anything they can think of to remember when they had a winning night. Then they will replicate the entire memory every time they visit the casino at a later time. So if they were wearing black socks, wore a piece of jewelry, smelled of lilacs and ate pizza with a glass of wine when they won, that is what they plan to do the next time they gamble because that was a winning combination that they brought to the casino last Time!!

Slot machine players have some of the funniest superstitions or lucky procedures that they do with every single spin of the reels and here are just a couple of them:

  • Kiss the slot machine screen before every spin! Yuk!
  • Count to a preferred number before spinning the reels, every time, these gamblers believe that if you have a set rhythm to your spins they will start to pay off with big wins!
  • Bet in order – first spin one coin, second spin two coins, third spin three coins [if it has three coin option] then back to one coin, and so on.
  • Some people believe if they do not hit some type of winning combination within the first five spins, the machine is cold and its time to move onto a new machine.
  • Picking the right slot machine at a land based casino is no easy feat for some gamblers, they only play the slot machines that are at the end of the isle, the isle has to be in the third row and the game has to have 7's as its main symbol! Lol…that is a bit extreme but some gamblers do this and more!

I hope you enjoyed this little article and have either laughed it off or thought to yourself, um I think I need to try some of these ideas!
Happy Gaming