Rogue Online Casinos, What Are They?

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No doubt at some point in time if you use google to research online gambling sites you have come across a link warning you about "Rogue" casinos, poker rooms etc. The word rogue means the same thing as "black listed" which means the place in questions is "no good", "untrustworthy", "and not recommended" or "thieves"! Now how does a gambling site receive this type of review or warning? Well sit back and get a drink and read on, I will describe the how and why of black listing online gaming sites.

  • One of the worst things an online gaming site can do is not pay its players. Once this is done and some type of intervention has been tried with no results for the player the online gaming site is now considered "rogue". Online casino websites or "portals" that are run by casino affiliates take great measures to make sure that the casinos they promote on their sites are safe, secure and trustworthy for the players so always make sure to check with a reputable online portal that promotes online gaming before putting any of your money into there gaming establishment.
  • If an online gaming establishment such as a casino, poker room or sports book does not pay its partners this would also earn them the reputation of being rogue. Now this would not happen immediately without some type of communication and resolution being tried first, but if all fails, then the gaming site would be labeled rogue and black listed by the affiliate community and it would be wise for any player not to frequent such a site because if this gambling establishment does not pay its partners, then its highly likely they will also not pay their players.
  • Terms and Conditions that are not player friendly – This would be explained by having bonus rules, game rules or deposit and withdrawal rules that are ridiculous or unfair. Say you deposit at an online casino for the first time and take their promotion for a 100% bonus match on your deposit. You deposit $20 and get $20 with their bonus. Most gaming sites will have a "play through" rule for this bonus which normally insists that you wager the bonus and deposit money between 10 and 30 times. So if you have a 20 times play through rule on a 20$ bonus you would have to wager that bonus money to a total of $400 before you could cash out any winnings. Now this arrangement is fair and is spelled out in the terms and conditions of the bonus rules. But some online gaming sites will insist that you play through 100 times, and that is not fair or realistic or you may meet the wager requirements and try to cash out and then they inform you that you did not meet their terms and conditions which were not given to you or listed on their website. These are situations that have happened before and some online gaming sites will make up the rules as they go along. Any gaming site that is not player friendly with such types of blatant lies or thievery will be considered rogue.

These are some of the reasons that the online gaming community will unite and label a gaming establishment rogue and warn players not to frequent. So it is with open eyes that you should pick and choose your place to gamble at and make sure to research any place that is new to you before making your first deposit.

Happy Gaming!