Reasons to play Free Slots

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If your new to online gaming and have never played at the online casinos you are choosing to register at, the best thing you can do for yourself as a player is to take advantage of any "free money" offer or if they have a "fun mode" selection in the casino lobby to use it. Why do you ask? Well the best way to describe why I think all online casino players need to "try out" the games before deciding to play for "real money" is to give a list of the pros and cons of online gambling and its games. So when reading from my list below, keep in mind that gambling is a form of entertainment, and there is no "special system" to winning. Its all chance and luck and choosing the right games and casinos for you!

Reasons to play free slots before depositing your money

  • Online slot games play differently the land based casino slot games. There is no "arm" to pull and you do not deposit coins for each spin you make.Instead there are only tabs to click and you can't keep track of your cash by "depositing" only $20 into the machine your playing, the cash you deposited into the "casino" stays together in your account no matter what game you choose to play, so its very important to make sure you know the money denomination of the machines you choose to play at, how many coins you are betting for each spin and watching how fast your cash flow can go down when betting numerous times. Always, and I mean always, look at the coin size on every machine that you choose to play on every single time at an online casino. If you don't watch this when you first enter the game, you may miss the fact that the casino has the slot game set at its highest coin amount, and you may think your betting a quarter when your really betting $5 per spin! When playing in the free mode, get yourself used to checking the coin size as the first thing you do when opening up a slot game
  • Table Games offer different money amounts as their table minimum. Make sure to check which table games you are choosing to p lay and find out which games have the higher and lower minimums. Then when you play for real money you will know already which games you can afford to play and which ones you can't
  • Watch how a game plays. Some online slot games have certain rules, like progressives. Most progressives have a rule that you need to be betting max coin bet to trigger the jackpot. The worst possible thing that could happen to a slot player is hitting the progressive jackpot and not winning because you didn't know the rules! Make sure to learn the rules for any slot game you choose to play, and then play it in free mode to get the feel of the game and see if you even like it!

These are just a couple of suggestions for any online slot player to think about before depositing there own money into a casino. Always know your games, and the rules and amounts of coins needed to play correctly, or you could be throwing money out the window, just going about it in a longer drawn out fashion.