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Slots, slots and more slots that is what you will find at any online casino that is powered by the super giant software company Playtech! Of course Playtech Casinos have more than just slots, they cover the entire makeup of any online casino including all the popular table games including both the European & American versions of Roulette and the high roller game of Baccarat which is a big game for big money players whether online or at you local land based casino. Playtech Casinos also offer you an array of video poker, blackjack and numerous other table and poker games, but the biggest draw for me as well as many other online gamblers is their vast line up of superb slot games!

One payline, 3 payline, 5 payline, 7 payline, 8 payline, 9 payline and on and on all the way up to as many as 30 paylines are the many different varieties of slot games that you have to choose from when playing at any Playtech Casino. One of my favorite slot games offered is the game "Highway Kings", it's a multi payline slot that offers wild symbols, scatter symbols and a fantastic winning percentage! As with most Playtech slots "Highway Kings" has its own unique theme centering around the "big rigs" of the highways and the sound effects into air horns when you hit a winning combination. All of Playtech slot games are fun to play because of the great graphics and sound effects that accompany each one and of course the looser they are the better!

Progressive slot games at all Playtech Casinos are numerous with huge jackpots just waiting for that lucky slot player to sit down, spin the reels and hit the life changing winning combination. There have been many winners of these progressive jackpots from the software giants Playtech and winners are paid quickly, securely and are the happiest gamblers I have ever seen. Some day I hope to be one of those happy rich slot lovers and my best bet and yours is to try to make that dream come true by playing the awesome slots at your favorite Playtech Casinos!

If you happen to need even more convincing of the greatness of Playtech slots, try this on for size! You are not limited to playing just one slot game at a time anymore when you're a member of a Playtech casino; no you can multi task by playing numerous slot games all at one time! Playtech software has added this great and innovative feature to their casinos and you can now open separate windows each one containing a different slot game to play, how cool is that? So instead of playing one progressive slot game at a time, you can now play all of them at the same time!