Online versus Offline Gambling

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Advancement in technology surely has taken the world by storm , with the penetration of the internet into just about every stratum of society across the globe, there has been a transformation in the very manner in which people lead their lives. Right from making purchases over the WWW, sourcing information as well as making instant money transactions, to entertainment and gaming is all available online – ready to be accessed from the comfort of your personal space.

This brings us to the point of contention here: how does the online gambling experience compare to that of being at a real casino, with friends and interacting with real people? While you have the convenience of never having to leave your home, what is it like dealing with web–based software programs instead of a dealer at a table?

Undoubtedly, the online gaming experience lacks the rich ambience that real casinos possess; although online gaming websites on the internet do try their best to imitate and recreate the sights and sounds that one gets to experience at real casinos, it is almost always far from the original. Even top of the line graphics and special effects that mimic a hand of cards being dealt, each mouse click causing sounds similar to coins inside a slot machine, or even a humanoid voice giving you instructions on how to proceed, seem to fall short most of the time!

Another major impediment is the security risks involved in money transactions over the internet. Especially on online gambling sites, the threat perception pertaining to credit card fraud is higher, making the number of takers for this form of entertainment even lower.

There's another aspect that works against the concept of online gambling , one that is entirely psychological. While playing on the internet, the idea of money lost during gambling is rather distorted. Since it is online money transfers and not currency notes or coins that are being exchanged here, it is usually after relatively larger sums of money have been lost that realization strikes the player. The guilt of having lost such huge sums of money 'just sitting at home' then becomes a difficult feeling to get over.

In other words, the adrenalin rush that is always associated with every experience at a casino is simply missing. The entire experience of lively light and sound effects, interacting with people and moving across tables in a bid to make the right decision are all entirely missing in the online gaming scenario. This might be why casinos still do roaring business despite several online gaming portals that are in existence!