Online Progressive Jackpots

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Progressive jackpots are a huge draw to almost all online casinos and your local land based casinos. Players love the excitement that comes with every spin of a progressive jackpot slot game because each spin could potentially make you a very rich person in a matter of minutes! Online progressive jackpots are hugely popular and because of that they reach to phenomenal amounts.

I have personally seen progressive jackpots reach as high as 1 to 2 millions dollars with the player only having to bet pennies to win with the right symbol combination! The trick to winning any online or land based progressive jackpot whether it's a slot game or a video poker machine is you have to be betting maximum bet [or max coin bet] in order to trigger the jackpot. If you happen to only be betting the minimum bet or actually anything less than the maximum coin bet when you hit those lucky symbols you will not win the progressive but you will win a consolation prize which is measly in comparison. So if you remember anything about this article let it be this, whenever you decide to play at type of progressive jackpot always, always play at max coin bet otherwise it's useless to play, why play a game that you can win millions on if you're not even going to try?

Another item to discuss about progressive jackpots is the difference between land based casinos and online casinos payouts. When you hit a progressive at any local land based casino you will be presented with a check, some champagne and a lot of cheers and the check will be for the full amount of the win excluding some taxes most likely deducted, you Mr. IRS will be right there waiting for their share! But when you win a progressive at an online casino they can not possibly pay you millions of dollars all at one time, so your winnings are paid out to you in payments that can range from once a week to as long as once a month depending on the size of the payments. One of the reasons why you have to agree to these terms is because of the processors that send your winnings to you from an online casino, they can not processor that huge of an amount of cash to a credit card, debit card or bank wire or any other form of withdrawal method available at online casinos, and the casino in question may not be able payouttthe entire win in one lump sum. But on the other hand, one good thing about winning at a online casino is there is no taxes deducted from your winnings, that is up to you to take care of when the time comes up for you to file your income taxes.

Online progressive jackpots are reaching higher and higher amounts with the popularity of online gambling reaching to more and more countries and they are well worth the time spent trying to win when they could change your life forever!