Online Casinos Now Offer “Live Blackjack”!

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A new craze has hit online gaming and its in the form of "Live" gaming! Just like being in Las Vegas or any other land based casino, you can now enjoy the thrill of gambling with other players in the comfort of your own home without having to travel, waste gas, put up with pushing, shoving or the smell of smoke. Online casinos have crossed the line between the solitude of gambling alone at home to gambling with a crowd at home, just without all the crap you don't like about crowded land based casinos! It is absolutely fantastic and about time!

The first two casino games that have been incorporated into the "live" gaming world are Blackjack and Roulette with this article being about blackjack. Just how does this work and is it really as great as it sounds? Yes it is and it works like this!

First you need to find a trusted online casino of your choice, which you can find the best of the best right here on our site, so make your choice and register an account. Then you will go into the lobby of the casino and find the "live Games" tab and click the blackjack games. Once your in the room you will see the live stream of the blackjack game just like if you were watching a live Utube video or live TV show online. The layout of the blackjack table is right in front of you with the bets and cards laid out on the table. The Dealer is on the top half of the screen and make sure you volume is on your computer so you can here the dealer and other players talking, laughing, yelling or screaming, depending on the atmosphere of the game and if your at a table of winners or losers! Lol. The graphics of the game are crisp and clear and it may take a little bit of getting used to but once you have been seated at the table for a few hands you will have the knack of the game and the way it looks and sounds and feel like your right there at the casino, live and in person!

Its absolutely amazing the technology that online casinos now posse and its all being created and introduced to online gamblers to keep them excited and full of anticipation with the gaming industry. The first time I checked into a live blackjack game I was a little shy about typing into the "chat box" to talk with the other gamblers, but once you become a player at your favorite casino and you visit once in awhile you actuallyget to know the other gamblers who frequent the same casino as yourself giving the table a familiar setting and making your gambling fun more pleasure. Online gambling is just getting better and better every time I turn around and this new gambling craze of Live Gaming is one of the best innovations to come around in the online gaming history!