How to Choose a Recommended Gaming Site

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Your first step in finding a respected and recommended Gaming Site is finding a website like ours, one you trust and take the advice of the writers about which sites are good and which ones are bad and stay true to it. All online gaming sites that are made for online gamblers are only interested in guiding you, the player, to the best online gaming sites that they can review and judge. Now you may wonder how an online gaming site like ours goes about judging an online gaming establishment and what criteria goes into how we decide if the site is trustworthy or player friendly. So I will explain what characteristics we look for in a gambling site and why we either recommend or warn players about them.

  1. Availability – This trait is a most for all online gaming sites. By "availability" we mean how easy is it to contact customer support or management of the gaming
    establishment? When researching an online casino, bingo hall or poker room one of the first requirements we look for are "phone numbers, email addresses and/or a live
    chat feature. If there are none of these communication outlets visible on their website its time to move on to another site. If these features are listed on the site,
    then its time to try each one. When calling their phone number does a customer service rep for that gaming site answer the phone, does anyone answer the phone? Email
    addresses, do you receive a reply or does the email bounce back to us? These are very important features that all online gaming sites that are reputable will have and
    must have.
  2. Seals of Approval – These "seals of approval" are accreditations given to the gaming site from reputable "Auditors, websites, gaming watch dogs and review companies"
    that have researched their sites and have given them a "thumbs" up approval. Not all good gambling sites will have "seals of approvals" for one reason or another, but when
    an online gaming site "is" providing these seals, it's a check mark for them on the reputable side.
  3. Player Experience – There is nothing like tangible recommendations and that's why we will not recommend any online gaming site without actually becoming a player
    ourselves and trying out the gaming site we are researching. We will check to see how easy or hard the casino downloads, installs and plays. We check for bonus convenience,
    how easy is it to claim and the terms and conditions that go with it to make sure they are player friendly and not impossible to win off of. We will not recommend any online
    gaming site that does not meet our requirements and qualities that we consider a reputable and fair gaming establishment.

Going by our guide lines for any online gaming site before depositing your own money there and always make sure that the online gaming site has adequate cash out terms and conditions and payment options. A respectable amount of time to receive your winnings from any online gaming site should not be more than a week for an online walletor two weeks for a check through the mail. If you follow are recommendations your online gaming experience will be a fun and exciting time without the concerns of an uneducated online gambler.