Classic Slots versus Video Slots

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Across the globe online gaming has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years and right along with the growth of the gambling industry has been the growth of the actual online casinos. Back when online gaming first started there was a small variety of slot games to choose from and mostly all were 1 payline slot games called "Classic slots".

These are the slot games that you can find at any land based casino where you have to get three of the same symbols on the payline to win. Some symbols pay higher than others and even some pay for miss matched symbols or just one cherry symbol. The pay off for these type of slots are usually pretty good, you at least win back what you bet or more making these online slot games some of the most lucrative slot games I have ever played. Its nice to have the odds with you when gambling and in a 1 pay line classic slot the odds of you hitting a win that's big enough to win you back at the minimum your wagering bet is quite high, not like the newer video multi payline slot games where you can bet a minimum bet of say 20 cents, and even when hitting some type of winning combination you may only win about 4 cents? Those odds I do not like. So the Classic slots have a higher payout rate, better odds of hitting a winning combination and even better odds of winning back what you bet at the minimum. So now lets take a look at video slot games.

Online Video Slot games are the newer and better made slot games that everyone loves to play. But a real gambler will take a look at the odds of the game, the payout and percentage of wins on a slot game before deciding if its worth playing, and I must say there are a lot of controversial issues when considering these issues. For one, like I spoke of earlier, the pay out percentage for winning combinations can be very poor, except for the "once in a blue moon" hits where you actual win a good coin prize, the odds of coming out a winner on these video slots are not very good. These newer slots boast exciting "bonus rounds, free spin bonus rounds, wild symbols and coin jackpots" but half the time when hitting these special features you end up walking away empty handed! How many times have you hit a "free spin bonus round" on a multi payline slot game and got all excited to see how much cash you end up winning just to feel disappointed when done because your winnings were so small it was not worth the time spenttrying to hit the free spin round? Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of gamblers out there who love these video slot games and have good luck enough to actually cash out once in a while, but my point is this, if you had been playing a "classic slot game" and had spent the same amount of money and time on that slot game would you have won more? Something to think about the next time you are choosing a slot game to spend you time and money on.
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