All you need to know about Baccarat

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Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games. The game in itself has many variations, of which railway and deux baccarat variations require skills to win and the north American baccarat variation require luck.

Betting process

The baccarat game is simple but yet sophisticated , the player is at will to place his wager on the banker's card, his card's or he also has an option of placing his wager on a tie between him and the banker.

Who wins the bet?

The player who is holding the cards with a cumulative value close to 9 or closer to 9 wins the game. The value of face cards and 10 is zero and the value of the ace is 1, if the cumulative score is ten or more than ten, the player has to discard one card and hold the other card, which will be his card value.

Some baccarat terms that you should know :

  1. Natural: If the value of the two cards sum up to a 8/9, its called natural hand. This hand automatically wins unless both the hands are equal, which is considered as a tie, and hence more cards are drawn from the deck to determine the winner.
  2. Le petit: if the score is 8, it is called as Le petit, and the other player is not allowed to draw the third card
  3. Draw a card: if the score is 0-5 , a third card can be drawn , only if no one gets Le petit(8) or Le grande(9), scores.
  4. Banker: one of the two hands is a banker and necessarily doesn't have to be the dealer/casino
  5. Face cards: kings, queens, jacks and tens have a value of zero in this game.
  6. Player: one of the two hands is called a "player" .

Winning strategies and numbers you want to know :

  1. Do not spend your money on the baccarat systems and people who sell those systems for hundreds of dollars.
  2. Before you start playing you need to know the rules clearly. Get used to the terminology, I have discussed a few terms above but get well versed with all the terms.
  3. Try playing mock or demo baccarat games online or in your home with your friends before hitting the casinos with real money.
  4. Placing your bets and knowing the probability, the player can draw an additional third card based on the first two cards; the banker also has the option of drawing the third card. Betting on a bankers hand will result
  5. Money management is one more important issue that should never be over seen, you should have an idea of how much money you have come with to the casino and how much are you left with.

Baccarat has always been a special game and is seen as the game of the rich and famous. It is located in a place which is away from rest of the casino games in a land casino. There is nothing to worry about, if you know the game you can go and play it like any other game, do not get intimidated with the exclusivity.