A Slot Machine that has no paylines

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Have you ever heard of such a thing? A slot game that has no paylines? How do you win? So many questions and we have the answers! A while back the software giant Microgaming introduced a new multi no payline slot game called "Burning Desire" and even though there are hundreds of ways to win, there are no paylines, not even one! It's a beautiful looking game, rich in colors of yellow, red and black with graphics that are superb but you will see no lines when you spin its 5 reels, but you will see plenty of winning combinations. Believe it or not this type of innovative slot machine is easier to win at than any other payline slot game I have had the pleasure of playing. Microgaming has upped the bar in the online gaming industry by adding such a unique and creative game to their already huge line up of slot games. Burning Desire slot has a coin range that starts as low as 1 cent and goes as high as $1. There are over 240 different ways to win on this awesome slot game and you can wager up to 250 coins per spin Imagine the money you could win if you were betting max coin bet and hit 5 wild symbols! The amount of money is staggering.

How does it work? It's very simple; you spin the reels and hope to see matching symbols consecutively on the reels, at least three of them willgive you a win. So if you have a "heart" symbol on reel 1, 2 and 3, in any position on those reels you are a winner. No lining them up on predetermined lines, no strange order on the reels themselves, just three or more symbols consecutively starting from left to right anywhere on the reels themselves! It's that simple and real easy to win on. I played this game when it first made its appearance at my favorite Microgaming casinos and was very impressed with the creativeness and simplicity of the game. I am surprised that Las Vegas Casinos don't have a huge amount of these "lineless" slot games; it gives you the sense of easy cash winnings because there are really no rules to follow.

Hats off to Microgaming for coming up with such an original slot for its players to enjoy and hopefully it doesn't stop with this one slot game. I would love to see more of these games with all the great features that Burning Desire video slot offers like wild symbols and bonus rounds. Can you imagine not only does this fantastic slot game have no paylines with hundreds of ways to win but it also helps the player win by giving you some wild symbols to use as substitute symbols and bonus rounds where you can win double your money for all winnings made! Burning Desire no payline slot is a great game and I encourage you to get over to your favorite Microgaming Casinos to try it out!