3 Reel and 5 Reel Online Slots Comparison

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There are a lot of reasons why online slot players like the slots they do. Each player will have their own criteria they look for in a slot game, they also have their own taste. The good thing is that online slot machines come in just about all types and styles. This allows players to find the slot game they are looking for and have a great time playing any time they want. Players will find a lot of 3 reel and 5 reel slots they can play and these slots also come in many different themes and styles.

There are players who prefer the 3 reel slots. They enjoy the more classic look these slot machines have to offer and they appreciate the simplicity of them. The three reel slot machines are more the style for anyone who likes to get on and play without a lot of other features confusing them. They don't need to do any reading in order to know how things work, they can just place their bet and spin. Three reel slot machines generally offer players a single payline and allow them to bet one or two coins. Some 3 reel slot machines do offer multi–, but the majority of them are single.

Many of the online slots players opt to spend the majority of their time on the 5 reel slot games and there are many reasons for this. The 5 reel slot machines have a lot more going on, the 5 reels all spin separate and this means that players will have more to watch. Also, the 5 reel slot games are the ones that tend to be more interactive. Players will be able to feel as if they are more involved when they are playing the 5 reel slot games. They tend to have more of a story line which helps keep players interested. They also have all of those goodies like the scatters, multipliers, wild symbols, bonus rounds, and other features that add to the excitement of the game.

The slot machine a player decides to play on will be up to them. The important thing is that the player will be able to have a lot of options. There are many slots for them to try out and a lot of the online casinos will even let players try them out for free. This gives players a chance to see how they like one before they deposit money into it. A good idea for new slot players is to try both types and see which one gives them the most enjoyment. There is no better way to choose than to give both a try!