A Look At The Launch of Regulated Gambling In Indiana

The gambling laws in the USA are complicated and vary from state to state. Since each state was given the power to decide its own gambling laws, we have seen big changes around the country, and one place where we have seen changes has been Indiana.

The state voted in favour of legalised sports gambling in the area, something that launched in September 2019, much to the delight of gamblers inside the state boundaries. Gambling had been allowed prior to this, with riverboat casinos being granted licenses and horse racing tracks having a license to offer casino-type gaming as well as their horse racing pools.

The final step was full authorised sports betting and this is now legal in the state. The Indiana Gambling Commission was set up to regulate this and they are now in charge of the gambling laws and ensuring that everyone who participates is kept safe while doing so.

What Can You Bet on in Indiana?

In Indiana, you are able to bet on both professional and college sports. This means sportsbooks can offer betting markets on such leagues as the NHL, NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula One, NCAA, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Boxing and MMA. This gives those who are in Indiana the chance to place bets on a variety of different leagues and sporting events just like punters can in many other parts of the world.

The state of Indiana is one of the first to offer legalised betting to their residents, and despite that, they have put together strong legislation and a good range of sportsbook for players to use. The service available is already very strong, and it is only likely to go one way in the future, which is to improve and grow even further.

Online Betting in Indiana

As well as being able to place bets and gamble inside casinos in the state, those that offer this can also offer an online service for players to use at home so they don’t need to leave the house to place their bets. For more information and a list of regulated operators, check out the Gamble Indiana website

Current casinos, horse racing tracks that offer casino games and off-track betting shops can apply for an addition to their license which will allow them to also allow online sports betting to their customers. This is expected to see a real focus over the coming months and years, and it could be the one area that really takes off and grows to a huge level.

What is Next for Indiana?

The simple answer is more of the same. As one of the first to implement legalised gambling in their state, Indiana will be keeping an eye on the other states to see what they offer in the future. This is then something they will look to implement as all states try to improve the services they have on offer. Legalised betting is now available in Indiana, and those taking advantage can expect it to grow and improve further in the near future.