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WSOP Players Step up for Charity


Online poker players and land based poker players have been showing support for charities of their choice and now there is more good news when it comes to poker stepping up for charity causes. The 41st WSOP is taking place at the Rio and the officials are hoping to see the prize pool beat last year's prize pool of $174,000,000. The officials also hope to see a portion of those winnings make their way the chosen charity of the WSOP, this charity is Nevada Cancer Institute.

How the WSOP is trying to help the cause

The players who cash out in the 57 events are being encouraged to help by making donations which will be tax deductible.
Seth Palansky who is the spokesman for the WSOP has said that if all of the poker players donate just one percent of their winnings from the events, there could be more than $1.75 million donated to the Nevada Cancer Institute. This would be an amazing amount of money that would really be put to good use. Poker players would be able to donate just a small amount of earnings knowing that it could help add up to an unbelievable amount of money that would really help the cause.

Poker players are known for being generous

Palansky also noted that poker players are some of the most generous, charity conscious people. He said that poker players continually use poker in order to help raise awareness, as well as funds for a lot of worthy causes throughout the year. Now they have another chance to do just that. The Nevada gaming laws don't allow money to be directly given from a prize pool to a charity. Instead, many of the poker players have volunteered to donate an amount of their winnings in the past. It should be exciting to see how much money the players come together to donate for the Nevada Cancer Institute. If the past is any hint, it should be quite a large amount of money. It may even exceed the figure that Palansky has stated.

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