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World Cup Affects Online Poker Sites

World Cup

The top poker sites had expected to see a decline in their business due to the World Cup. However, they didn't have a way of really gauging the effects and it had to be more of a wait and see game. The effects are now starting to be seen and the top online poker sites are able to take note to how the numbers really tally up. It doesn't look good for the top poker sites and the numbers are worse than they had originally expected. It has been a struggle for the top poker sites to compete with all of the excitement of the World Cup.

Poker Sites never expected such drastic results

Online poker groups are reporting that they had in fact expected the World Cup to cause them to see their numbers drop, but they never thought that it would be as drastic as what they are seeing. One group said the World Cup had a positive effect on the sports betting side of things, but that online poker has taken a very hard hit. In fact, online poker sites are seeing a drop in players which is between 8 and 10 percent. The poker sites are expecting this to mean a revenue drop of between 11 and 13 percent.

Online poker will pull through

The good news is the online poker sites had already expected to see quite a decline in the number of online players logging in and playing poker during the World Cup. This means that it was not a huge shock and they were at least somewhat prepared. While the fact that the numbers were a bit more damaging than they expected to see, they were at least prepared and will carry on just as they have been.

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