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Women in Poker Hall of Fame Nominations are now open

Poker Women

There is some exciting news for poker enthusiasts who would like to have their say in who gets nominated for the Women in Poker Hall of Fame. This is the very first time in history that the general public is being allowed the opportunity to weigh in. Now, anyone is able to submit names. This is great news for those who have long since wanted to have their say, but not been able to do so. Now the general public will be able to nominate someone, as long as that person is a qualified choice. There are many people who are going to be very excited at finally having the chance to weigh in on the nominations!

About the Nomination Process

Board member Karina Jett said that the nomination process is an important one and they feel that there are women out there who are deserving of this honor. By opening up the nominations to the public, the board is hoping to get together worthy candidates. This will allow them to become more familiar with the public's favorites as well, who may have otherwise been overlooked. This is also a great way for everyone to feel as if they took part in this exciting event and to feel as if their voice is being heard.

About the eligibility requirements

In order for a person to be eligible for the Women in Poker Hall of Fame, they must have been an active poker player or an industry leader for at least fifteen years. The person must also have contributed in a significant way to the world of poker. She must also have won a major poker tournament or made other significant contributions to the poker industry. Another exciting thing to know is that the public will also be able to take part in the voting process and the public will make up for 50% of the final results. The voting will be open to the public on May 16th. Each voter must list three candidates in their vote. This is a chance for the public to get their opinion in and make it count!

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