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Women becoming Prominent Figures in Poker

Poker Women

Poker used to be thought of as a man's game. It wasn't often that you would see a woman involved in a poker game. Things have sure changed a lot in the poker world. There have been a lot of advancements which have opened the door for more and more women to become recognized as prominent figures in the poker scene. Poker has gained a lot of popularity and this has led to it being in the spotlight. The more it is in the spotlight, the more popular it becomes. This is a cycle which has led to more people thinking differently about poker. It doesn't have quite the stigma behind it that it once did. Poker shows can be seen on TV and the online poker sites have brought the game of poker into millions of households. This has also opened the door for women to be taken more serious as true competitors which they are.

Online Poker Rooms Filled with Women Players

One look into one of the online poker sites will give a person a good idea of how many women are now enjoying poker. A look into an online poker room would reveal a mixture of both men and women avatars sitting around the table enjoying a game of poker. While there will more than likely be more men, there are still many women who are enjoying online poker. There are many women who have proved that they are just as capable at doing well at poker as the men and they will continue to fight for their acceptance at those tables.

Women Poker Pros getting Recognition

Women have came onto the poker scene and proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. Such female poker pros as Kathy Liebert, Anette Obrestad, Vanessa Rousso, Jennifer HarmanTraniello, and Joanne Liu have helped to bring awareness to the fact that female poker players should be taken serious. They have just as much of a shot of walking away with that poker game in the bag as any male poker pro does. Many of the online poker sites have added some of these female players to their teams and count on them.

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