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Will there be a New World Record?

Phil Laak
Image above courtesy op Pokerlistings

There's some exciting news in the poker world, Phil Laak, a professional poker player who is also known as "The Unabomber" is getting ready to attempt to set a world record for playing the most hours worth of poker played in one sitting. This event will take place on June 2nd and it has been gathering quite a bit of attention from poker players and poker enthusiasts. In order to break the current record Laak will need to play more than 78 straight hours worth of poker. The current record for the most hours played is held by Paul Zimbler. This current record was set by Zimbler back in 2009.

How is this going to go down?

This attempt will take place at the Bellagio Poker Room which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. On June 2nd Laak will set out to play one long session of poker in the hopes of breaking that current record and becoming the current record holder. Laak is a very well known and accomplished poker player and he is often recognized by his style of dress when he is sitting at the poker table. He wears sunglasses and a hoodie, it is this style which helped him to get the name "Unabomber". He is also in the public eye quite a bit and is on a regular TV show in which he plays poker. The fact that a well known poker pro is going after this world record is something that makes it even more interesting.

What he has to say about this

Laak says that he has played many endure sessions of poker, but that he has never before played anything of this magnitude. He also feels that this is really going to test his limits and he loves a good challenge. Well, he has sure put himself up for a big challenge this time and it could be one which will pay off well by making him a new world record holder. There are many people that are going to be keeping their eyes on Laak as he takes on this challenge.

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