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Vanessa Selbst has won the inaugural NAPT Mohegan Sun Main Event

Vanessa Selbst
Picture Courtesy of Pokerlistings

Winning an event such as this is a huge thing for any poker player and now Vanessa Selbst knows exactly how exciting it is first hand. She found herself winning the Main Event which was for $750,000. Selbst is a professional poker player who has a lot of impressive wins under her belt and this is one more she will now be able to add to her collection. She outlasted 715 entrants to walk away with the win. Selbst may be known to others by her online poker name which is "fslexcduck". However you know her one thing is for sure; she has a great track record and has proven that she is one poker player to keep an eye on.

Selbst has had quite a few great wins in her poker career

This isn't the first impressive win that she has found herself earning. Selbst also won herself a WSOP bracelet back in 2008 and she had earned just less than one million in other live tournament cashes. Not only is she a well respected and worthy professional poker player, but Selbst is also a DuecesCracked coach. She had taken a break from the circuit about a year ago in order to attend law school. She found that this event was just the one for her to take advantage of and return to the game. She showed that she definitely made the right decision and apparently it was the perfect time for her to reappear.

Selbst did what she was there to do

When Selbst entered the event no one could have expected her to hit the game with such an impressive amount of aggression. She definitely played with both aggression and intelligence. It was this kind of play that led her to victory. She knew what it was that she wanted to achieve when she entered into the event and she did what it took to walk away with the win. Selbst must be very pleased with this win, especially after coming off of such a break and making it her first event since she decided to come back.

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