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Three new players added to the PokerStars team


There's more exciting news for players keeping up with the PokerStars team and the players. PokerStars has just added three new poker players to the team; this brings the total number of players on their team up to 26. The three new additions are George Lind (Jorj95), Dusty Schmidt (Leatherass9), and Denys Shcherbakov (diatty). These three will now join this talented group of players and get in on carrying the colors of the online poker site, PokerStars into the world of online poker. Each one of these new team members have a lot to bring to the table and have made good names for themselves in the poker world.

Who they are

Dustin Schmidt was a professional golfer who decided to switch to playing poker after he suffered a heart attack. He had been watching a friend play poker online and decided he wanted to become involved with it. Schmidt began going over the game every day and quickly became very good at the game. Denys Shcherbakov used to spend his time in the video game scene before he found his love of poker. He registered on PokerStars back in 2005 and started with the $5 sit and go tournaments. He is now considered to be one of the best online poker players from the Ukraine. George Lind was a student who was studying computer science before he started playing poker at a local land based casino.

What this means for PokerStars

Now PokerStars has 26 more than qualified poker players on its team. Each of the players on the PokerStars team has earned their place there by building great reputations for themselves and proving that they have what it takes to join the elite. These three impressive players should feel right at home and fit in well with the other players. PokerStars has been adding some very good choices to the team and these three poker players are good choices as well. Each one of them has a very good name when it comes to all they have accomplished with regards to their poker careers. It appears as if PokerStars has made another smart move.

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