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There seems to be a problem in poker paradise

court !

A legal argument is taking place between various online poker sites which are geared toward Mac users. There seems to be quite a few battles going on right now in the online gambling industry regarding domain names and now this is the latest one to add to the list. The owner of,Best Odds Corp., has filed a suit on Friday which has been filed against an individual by the name of Michael Jackness. Mr. Jackness runs two competing websites which are and

What is this all really about?

The suit claims that Jackness has been infringing on Best Odds Corps. Service mark "MAC POKER" and this has been causing confusion to the customers of Best Odds Corp. The suit claims that customers are being deceived and therefore becoming misdirected and going to Jackness's site instead. It is claimed that Jackness has been doing this intentionally even though he knows the mark has been the property of Best Odds Corp. since 2005. The suit also claims that by doing this Jackness has taking part of creating an unfair competition.

You can't just do this

The case will be an interesting one to watch and the end result should be an interesting one as well, regardless of which direction it favors. However, this goes to show that websites take their mark very serious and they aren't going to sit back while someone else uses their mark to gain more customers. Websites thinking they can get away with this may very well find themselves in court as well. Website owners must always be on the lookout for things such as this. The truth is that these things are going on all day long and there are a lot of websites which are gaining a huge amount of customers for themselves simply by using another websites mark. The more aware website owners become to this problem, the more changes will possibly happen that will make it easier for website owners to be able to find out about it quickly and put an end to it.

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