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There is Great news for Titan Players

Titan Poker

New Sophisticated Look

This week the popular Titan Poker site announced the launch of its new software. Titan Poker is one of the leading poker rooms in Europe, not to mention they also have fans located throughout the rest of the world as well. The site just launched its new 9.6 version of their software this week which has made many players take another look at the site. New members are showing up to see what all of the fuss is about, and current members are thankful for the changes they know they will appreciate in the long run.

Introducing Razz

Any member of the Titan Poker site will find that the new version of the software brings with it such things as brand new features and much better functionality. This includes an updated Flash version which many players will like. This Flash version is also compatible with Mac users. There is also some other additions which many players will be happy about, these additions mean more games to play! There is a new which has made it into the new version. An exciting variation of the game stud poker has been added which is known as the game of RAZZ! Also, five more languages are now available which opens the door for prospective players who speak Romanian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, and Portuguese. Also, the entire site has a new look which even includes a new logo.

Great For New Players

Anyone looking for a great site to check out will definitely want to make sure that they check out the Titan site now if they never have before. With even more than it had to offer before; it now becomes even more valuable and has more to offer anyone looking for a great site to go to in order to enjoy playing the game of poker online. Those already playing on the Titan Poker website are very excited about the launch of the new software, it only means more features and great additions for all to enjoy. The various languages will also be something which will draw even more players to the site.

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