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Special Edition: ThePokerKeep – Happy Birthday for a Trusted Poker Affiliate

ThePokerKeep – Happy Birthday for a Trusted Poker Affiliate

We here at Casino Articles Online are very thrilled to offer online poker news for our readers on a daily basis. We also from time to time want to do some personal stories within the poker industry about certain individuals who we feel make a positive difference and have something great to offer our ever loving passion – Poker!

The Man of the Hour

One such person is Terry Bolger aka ThePokerKeep who is a shinning example of what being an ethical webmaster is all about.

I personally have met Terry and his family on two or three occasions over the last 18 months or so and I must say – he surprises me every time. Such a genuine person who stands by his beliefs at all times, Terry is the kind of person who will grow on you. At first you may come across him in some affiliate forums where he spends his mornings chasing away spammers and hackers with pure raw aggression. But you will also see him welcome all new comers with arms wide open giving all his support and friendship to those who are worthy. Personally I feel like a very lucky person to be in his good graces and his friendship means the world to me.

Birthday Recognition

Well today Terry who incidentally owns ThePokerKeep (a website that promotes online poker rooms) is 53 years young. The world has been blessed for 53 years now and I hope for many more years to come. His family and friends are real lucky to have such an up standing person close to them at all times. So Happy Birthday my friend – I hope you enjoy your day...

Trust in Online Poker

One of the things I do as an Online Poker Affiliate is try and only promote ethical and honest poker rooms. One of the ways I do this is to visit such forums as Affiliate Guard Dog, Gambling Portal Webmasters Association and Poker Affiliate Listings. These three sites are crucial to any affiliates starting out in the business of promoting online poker. Terry is one of the most active members on all three of these sites, and I read everything he writes since he does allot of research on poker sites before applying them to his site The Poker Keep.

So if you cannot find what you're looking for here we recommend you visit ThePoker Keep and find yourself an honest Poker Site to play at. You can be sure of one thing – they are safe and if you ever have an issue The Poker Keep will stand by your side and help you all he can.

ThePokerKeep – One of the most respected and valued Poker Affiliates in the world today! Happy Birthday.

Note: You can read about ThePokerKeep in an exclusive interview with the GPWA.

Read Interview Here!

Your online friend – Steve aka GFPC

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