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The lines are becoming more blurred between Online and Land Based Poker

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As more online poker rooms come online, more of them are getting into the spotlight in the land based tournaments. The two used to be considered separate. However, online poker players started getting seen doing well in such high profile tournaments as the WSOP. This caused people to take a look at the online poker players in a new light. They began to give more respect where respect was due. In fact, many people think online poker is actually a bit more difficult than land based poker due to the lack of tells. There is certainly an amount of respect online players should be given and it's nice to see it coming their way now.

Online Poker inches its way into the land Based Poker Scene

Online poker sites are making teams and sponsoring their own tournaments in the land based poker scene. They are actually drawing the land based poker players into their world. Those who used to stick to playing land based poker are taking notice to the benefits online poker provides players with and signing up for accounts on online poker sites. It generally doesn't take them long to see that online poker is not much different than land based poker.

The Two have merged almost beyond recognition

Now it has become difficult to pinpoint which players started their poker career online. The online teams appear at the high profile tournaments and the original land based players are appearing at more and more of the online poker sites. It is easy to see that these two worlds which used to seem so different have now became so intertwined that it is hard to tell which is which now. This means that the poker world has exploded and now offers even more chances and opportunities to players. Anyone interested in becoming a poker pro can choose how they go about it and choose an atmosphere which is comfortable for them without excluding themselves from the other. This never used to be the case and online players were somewhat looked down upon by the other players.

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