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The UIGEA can't hold a dedicated Online Poker Player Down


With the UIGEA doing its best to stop online poker players from being able to deposit funds into their online poker accounts, it only makes sense that companies would begin looking at ways to offer solutions. There is word that there is a company looking into ways to help those online players fund their online poker accounts. This new company is called MyPokerCard and they plan to offer a great product for those online players. This product is a prepaid card which will not tie into a players banking information.

How is this going to help online poker players?

Online poker players have been faced with not being able to make deposits into their online poker accounts as easily as they were able to. By offering these players a prepaid card, they are helping those players to put funds into their account. They won't have to be concerned with that card being linked in some way to their bank account, which may jeopardize their bank account. This prepaid card offers players an instant approval so they won't have to wait for a decision. Online poker players are going to be able to use this prepaid card at any of the online poker sites where Mastercard is accepted. This company already has a solid reputation as it has more than 500,000 customers so far and the numbers continue to grow.

This prepaid card offers online poker players a simple solution

Those online poker players who decide to take advantage of this product will be glad to learn that it is simple for them to load. All a player has to do is go into any of the UK post offices and they will be able to reload the card right away. Other deposit methods can take longer and be more of a hassle. This prepaid card is not available to US residents yet, but there is a good chance that it may end up making its way there. This would be a very good thing for those US online poker players who are having a difficult time depositing funds into their accounts as well.

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