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Senior Citizens Poker Game Raided by the Idaho Police

Poker Game Raided by Police

When the law allows the police to keep a murderous criminal under lock and key, then you know that the country's legal system is doing a right and noble job. However, when the law pushes policemen to raid an innocent poker session between a bunch of Senior Citizens, then you just have to ask yourself whether or not the law is still 'right' and 'absolute'. Because seriously, the thought of policemen scaring the pants out of some wizened old geezers because they happen to be playing an 'illegal' game borders on the absurd.

Hands up in the air, Grandpa!

There were 20 or so senior citizens who met weekly to play a nice and friendly game of Texas Hold'em. I suppose, in a world as bleak as ours, the grandpas should be allowed to cling to the things that allow them to be happy, as long as it doesn't really harm others. Besides, how could giving $20 weekly to fatten up the pot be a threat to public safety? It's really just a way for these old men to enjoy themselves. Furthermore, each of the players in the poker game made sure to donate about $500 every month to the senior's center in order to help the establishment along. They saw this good deed as a sufficient– enough justification for their weekly poker games – and sure enough, anybody with a right mind would think so too. Not the Idaho Police Department, though. Apparently for them, it's okay to raid a room full of senior citizens who are probably at risk for heart problems just because the law says so.

Watch out for Evil Old Men!

One thing that you can truly say about the policemen of Idaho is that they're truly dedicated to enforcing the law to the letter. After all, if you can't call raiding a poker game of a group of old men dedication, then I don't know what is. Indeed, the state of Idaho strictly prohibits its residence from doing any form of gambling, poker included. So, as the law dictated, the police considered the poker game of the senior citizens as illegal. Graying Beards and Walking Canes, after all, are just as dangerous and harmful to the general public as a crate of grenades and a fully– loaded machine gun in the hands of the criminally insane. Seriously, though, sarcasm aside, it's not really the police's fault But perhaps this incident should be taken as a good example of how wrong and misleading the law can be, especially on a topic as gray as gambling.

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