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Schwartz Bumps into Trouble Yet Again

Schwartz Bumps into Trouble Yet Again
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There is no doubt that Luke "FullFlush" Schwartz is a talented poker player, having earned quite a bit of money from playing cash games and from deep finishes at poker tournaments. However, the way things are going for him right now, it seems as if we're bound to hear more of his misadventures rather than his actual achievements. This boy just has a knack for attracting all kinds of trouble, often leading to him being thrown out or banned from something. This time around, he was denied boarding on his flight – a direct consequence of his tardiness and his terrible tendency to shower people with nasty f– words and what not.

Not Just another Misfit

Alright, let's be brutally honest here. Most people know Luke "FullFlush" Schwartz from the 'sandwich incident' that got him banned from the 2009 EPT. Some may know him because he periodically sends out a barrage of insults against some of the most famous poker pros, usually unprovoked. Of course, some of these pros pay more attention to an ant on the sidewalk than to Schwartz and his opinions. For the media, however, Schwartz is a goldmine of tacky poker drama, just the sort of thing that gets poker fans riled up when they get tired of talking chips and hands. In a way, Schwartz is like Phil Hellmuth, just short of 11 WSOP Bracelets – i.e., he's not that impressive so he won't be able to get away with wearing a Caesar outfit to the WSOP or, for that matter, stealing a sandwich. Still, he is quite talented at poker, having held his own against some of the best pros, so his attention– seeking antics do manage to get 'attention', even if it's usually just the eye– rolling type.

An Incident at the Airport

Schwartz's most recent misadventure happened at the airport, en route to the PartyPoker Premier League. Apparently, Schwartz turned up "fashionably" late for the flight. He also 'forgot' to fill up his ESTA form. Of course, the guy who thinks that he's important enough to get free sandwiches most probably thinks that he's also important enough to stop a plane that's about to take off. He was wrong about the sandwich, however, so it follows that he was also wrong about the plane. Schwartz was told that the flight was closed and, after discovering that he would not be allowed to board, he proceeded to unleash a hellish torrent of F– words and other creative curses – which, of course, led to him being asked to leave the airport. He ended up going to a different airport just to catch a flight to Las Vegas so that he could attend the PartyPoker Premier League.

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