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Robber turns himself in


Robber turns himself in

There is some good news with regards to the recent robbery which took place at an international poker tournament which was held in Berlin. One of the suspects, a 21 year old man surrendered by turning himself in to a Berlin police station. However, the search for the main three accomplices is still ongoing. The four men burst into the Grand Hyatt Hotel earlier in the month wearing masks during the high stakes tournament and managed to take off with 242,000 euros. The men were armed and wielded both handguns and machetes as they went after the cash. The robbers then fled the scene of the robbery in a Mercedes.

An Unfortunate Mistake

Ever since the robbery took place, the police have been conducting a search for the four suspects. The police had made one arrest last week. However, they later released the man after his alibi checked out and it was found that he could not have been one of the four men involved in the robbery. Not long after the robbery had taken place, the head of the German police union had stated that the men involved in the robbery were amateurs and he had confidence that they would be apprehended quickly. One of the reasons the robbers were said to be armatures is due to the fact that one of them did not wear gloves during the heist. This event had around 950 people participating and was offering 4.7 million euros worth of prize money. While the robbery was a terrifying event, no one was injured.

One Down, Three to go

With the 21 year old suspect in custody there is more hope that his three accomplices will soon be found and brought to justice. Anytime one suspect s brought into custody there are always hopes that the suspect will lead police to the others. The 21 year old turning himself in is great news and can only help the investigation. Even if the suspect doesn't talk, there will more than likely be more leads turning up due to the fact the police now know the identity of one of the four robbers.

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