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Poker Rooms in India

Poker in India has become increasingly popular, and continues to grow at a fast rate. And yet among the raft of poker sites on the world wide web there are few that pay much attention to the Indian poker scene. Apart, that is, from India's number one poker portal - FundooPoker.

FundooPoker is a website dedicated to playing poker in India, and does a comprehensive job of covering a range of related topics. Like many poker portals, there is the obligatory list of online poker sites but Fundoo focuses on poker rooms in India. Not all online poker sites will be suitable for Indian poker players and the team at FundooPoker have painstakingly researched those sites that are the best fit.

The site has been designed with all levels of player in mind, from the absolute beginner through to the professional player. For Indian players new to poker there is a useful guide to getting started and a range of strategy articles to help improve at the game. There is also an ample list of free-roll tournaments - a great way to being playing poker online without risking any money.

FundooPoker take great care to ensure that the information provided is well focused to the Indian poker player. All the latest poker promotions that are best suited to Indian players are researched and listed in detail, while they also feature tournaments that are the most workable for playing in India's time zone.

Poker related news from around the world is covered in the FundooPoker news section, but as you would imagine there is strong coverage of news relating to Indian Poker. Additionally, they highlight news and results concerning professional Indian poker players. There is a useful guide to where to play live poker in India too.

FundooPoker has a live chat service, so in the unlikely event you are unable to find the information you are looking for on the website you can ask one of their support agents for help.

If you are in India and have an interest in poker then this site is a must visit. It really does cover all the information you need to get the most out of playing poker in India.

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