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Poker is now a recognized sport in Lithuania


There is more good news for poker players around the globe. It seems as if more people are becoming friendlier with the idea of poker being widely accepted. The Lithuanian Sports Federation has just been recognized as an actual official sports federation within the country's borders. This is a huge step forward for poker players and fans everywhere; it is just one more plus for the poker scene. This ruling is expected to open a lot of doors for poker and bring more good things its way. Another good thing is that the federation has not wasted any time in putting this good news out there for the world to know.

More good things to come

There has also been no holding back when it comes to the federation announcing that there will be a tournament which will be held in Vilnius. The tournament will take place from the 24th to the 26th of April. This is just the first sign that there are going to be many changes taking effect when it comes to poker and how it is perceived by the public, as well as other officials. This ruling will cause many doors to open for poker as a whole. It will lead to poker tournaments being organized other places outside of Lithuania.

Poker as we know it

Poker is not what most people regard as a sport. However, by organizing it outside of traditional casinos, it will be placed in a different category than it usually was. The fact that poker will be thought of as a sport, even if it is a sport all its own, will help more people to have more respect for the game and look at it a completely different way. True poker enthusiasts already know that poker is a game which takes much more than luck, there is a lot of skill needed to excel in poker and this change will shed a lot of light on that fact. Even though there is money involved, this does not take from the fact that skill is a huge factor in how well a player does at poker. It makes perfect sense that poker should be considered a sport.

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