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Poker in Court


Last week an amateur poker player from the state of Washington took his case to the Washington State Supreme Court. He is arguing that the states strict laws against online poker, which makes online poker playing a crime considered to be a felony, need to be changed. In the case of Rousso v. State, it was argued that Mr. Rousso feels the law which makes people felons for participating in online poker is unconstitutional. There were many people who showed up to support Rousso by appearing on the steps of the courthouse. A poll was also taken which asked the general public how they felt about the current law and it turns out that 3 out of every 4 who took the poll felt the law should be changed.

New Information following the court proceedings

The chairman of the PPA, Alfonse D'Amato, made a statement after the oral arguments. He had stated
that the PPA was pleased at the court's decision to hear the case. He also stated that he feels the arguments have given the court enough compelling reasons showing why the ridiculous law should be changed. The state of Washington is the only one in the US which makes online poker a felony. The recent poll showed that 80% of the general public is opposed to the law regarding online poker in Washington.

How will this all turn out?

There are many people out there hoping that this court case brings forward some positive changes for poker players regarding online poker in the state of Washington. However, the fact is that a decision is still a ways off. In fact, it could take months before a decision is announced. There are many people, not just poker players, who are going to be interested in seeing what the decision is. As for right now, there is nothing anyone can do about the impending decision except wait and see what determination is made regarding the case. The fact that this case made it to court shows that more poker players are beginning to stand up and speak out when it comes to online poker.

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