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Poker CEO offering cash for Competition

Patrik Selin
Image above courtesy of Pokerlistings

The CEO of the Bodog Poker Network Patrik Selin is offering cold hard cash to any player who can knock him out of the competition. This cash incentive is his challenge to the other poker players that they won't be able to eliminate him out of the PokerStars European Poker Tour Grand Finale which will be taking place later in the month. The amount of cash that will be up for grabs is $1,000. This is a little more incentive for poker players and should help to bring out their competitive streak a little bit more.

Says he doing this for a reason

The CEO has said that he feels more poker room management persons should play at the events. He also said that playing at the events is the best way to know what it is that the players want. This makes perfect sense, how else do management personnel realize what it is that their players want if they don't put themselves in the position of hearing what they have to say? He also believes that everyone who gets involved in these events is passionate about poker and more than happy to talk about their feelings which are important for poker rooms to know.

Patrik Selin has played other events in the past as well

He likes the fact that he will be raising the stakes and challenging the players to knock him out of the event. He says that this should make for even more fun. He has also played in other events in the past. He has played in the WPT, the EPT, and even in the WSOP. There's not much doubt that this personal challenge will more than likely light a bit more of a fire under the other players involved in the event. Not only will they move up, but they will find themselves coming up on a nice piece of change just for knocking a particular player out of the event. He has made himself a target for the other players to focus on, but he doesn't seem to mind and is looking forward to the knowledge he will gain while in the event.

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