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Poker Bill coming to California

California Poker

There is a little more light shining down on the online poker players in California. The state senator announced that he is drafting legislation which would regulate and license online poker in the state of California. However, he did also say that even if the bill was to be adopted, there is no idea how long it could take before it was actually implemented. He speculated that it could even take as much as two or three years. However, this is still a good sign for those online poker players in California. It shows that more of the politicians are beginning to look at online poker in a more positive manner and this could lead to good things in the future for the online poker industry.

Online Poker in the US

Online poker has made quite a stir in the entire US. There has been a lot of debate going on over it for years now. There are a lot of US residents that play online poker on a daily basis and some of
these players even earn their living this way. The fact that it is illegal means that the government can't tax it and this means a loss. However, lately more states have been looking at online poker in a bit of a different light. They are starting to recognize how much revenue these online poker sites actually bring in and how receiving taxes on it could help the economy.

What this Bill Could Mean

If the state of California were to adopt this bill it would be a huge plus for the online poker industry. Not only would it be a big thing for California players, but it would mean that other states in the US could follow and this would be very good news for a whole lot of online poker players located in the US. This would be a very positive step taken leading toward a wider acceptance of online poker in the US. There are many online poker players who are watching to see how this bill will progress and they are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

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