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Poker.Org Sold for 1 Million Dollars

Poker.Org Sold for 1 Million Dollars

It's always amazing when people manage to build a whole empire of money without even leaving their own seats, just by a series of wise mouse clicks. Just recently, Poker.Org was sold for a whopping 1 million dollars. It may be a paltry sum compared to the price of some ".com" sites, but this is the biggest that a ".org" site has ever been accorded.

Breaking another Record

It's hard to imagine that when Doyle Brunson was just starting out, poker was viewed in a negative light by the public in general.

Now, poker pros are practically seen as modern day idols, the more ruthless on the felt, the better. In fact, you can almost say that poker is a national pastime now, what with the sheer number of people who are into it these days. The fact that poker has broken yet another world record, this time on the most expensive .org domain name to be sold, is just further proof of how much poker has really entrenched itself in the hearts of the people. did not beat the previous record by just a hair's breadth either.'s selling price was five times that of the previous record-holder,, which was sold for $198,000. Sure, 1 million is nothing compared to the selling price of .com sites, but since .org sites are generally of lesser value than .com sites anyway, then this is perfectly understandable. .Org is actually just the third largest domain extension, inferior to .com and .net., which makes a 1 million dollar sale even more impressive.

Details of the Sale

The whole transaction was done through Sedo, one of the best domain marketplaces in the web. was brokered in representation of its owner, the National A1 Advertising. However, in cases like this, the biggest question is not who the seller was or who the mediator was, but who the buyer is. was bought by, an affiliate of various online casinos, poker rooms, and other related websites. is also the owner of,,, and So, really, with a roster of sites like this, it's only understandable that they target something related to poker next, and just happened to be the best candidate. There is absolutely no doubt that "" is unavailable or, if not, unbelievably expensive. However, can serve's purpose just as well, especially if they manage to develop the site well.

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