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Phil Laak is looking for a few good Poker Players

Phil Laak
Image above courtesy of pokerlistings

It has already been announced that Phil Laak will be attempting to break the current world record for playing poker for more than 78 straight hours in one sitting. However, now that the plan is all in place, there is just one thing missing. Laak will need a few poker players to compete against. However, this opens up an exciting opportunity for three people who will end up sitting across the poker table from Laak on June 2nd at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Actually, three players will find themselves winning the opportunity to play poker against Laak as he goes for the world record.

What can these three players expect?

Three very lucky poker players will receive a free flight to Las Vegas where they will find themselves going head to head against Laak himself. They will also receive a four day and three night stay at the Bellagio; this is also where they will play against The Unabomber himself. This is a great opportunity for anyone, especially those who haven't had the chance to ever sit across the poker table from a pro before. Not only will they get that great all expenses paid trip to fabulous Las Vegas, but they will also get the bragging rights of being one of the players who helped Laak in his attempt to beat the world record.

How can players get in on the chance to win this opportunity?

Players will have a couple of different options available to them when it comes to trying to win this great adventure. One way will be to participate in an online poker tournament with a $50 buy–in. The great news is the buy–in will be returned to the players since there is no prize pool. This means that they will be able to participate in the tournament for free. Another option is they can write a 100 to 250 word description of why they should be the ones to get this opportunity. The three winners will then be given the opportunity to experience all this prize has to offer.

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