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PartyPoker Premier League IV, Heat 2: Phil Laak is on Fire

PartyPoker Premier League IV, Heat 2: Phil Laak is on Fire
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When Heat 2 of the PartyPoker Premier League IV ended the same way as Heat 1 did, some people began to wonder if the whole thing wasn't just a case of some oddly potent deja vu. But really, even if it seems highly unlikely to have one person win two times in a row, we have no choice but to believe it, Phil "The Unabomber" Laak is really just that good.

A Case of Deja vu

Heat 1 of the PartyPoker Premier League saw Phil Laak best a field of some of the most formidable poker pros in the world. He faced off against JC Tran and won himself a nifty $32,000 prize and 16 points, giving him a huge chance of making it to the final table.

When Heat 2 rolled along, ending up with almost identical results, i.e., another $32,000 and 16 additional points, the seat practically became a sure bet for Laak. The only difference between the Day 1 and Day 2 was the line up of poker players. This time around, Phil Hellmuth managed to get a seat. Of course, the Poker Brat sitting on the same table as the Poker "Bad Boy", Luke Schwartz, only means one thing: Trash-talk Olympics. Indeed these two troublemakers wasted no time in exchanging insults and jibes. In fact, Tony G and Roland De Wolfe also joined in, each one trying to poker at Hellmuth's temper. But Hellmuth isn't the poker brat for nothing, he was able to come up with a witty retort almost instantaneously. But maybe these three would have done better had they kept their traps shut because no matter how much bluster they showed, none of them were able to make it as far as Laak did.

Blazing through the Ranks

The second heat pretty much went the same way as the first one did for Phil Laak, that is, absolutely perfect. He displayed so much skill and coupled it with an incredible amount of luck that he practically blazed through the ranks, eliminating opponents and taking down key pots left and right. In the end, he managed to outlast all the other pros, finally settling into a heads up battle with Roland De Wolfe, whom, ironically, Hellmuth called a 'lightweight' just early on. However, with Laak holding a massive chip lead of 1.3 million, beating him was not an easy task at all. De Wolfe came close to breaking it even, but eventually fell when Laak once again won at the flop. Taking a chance at pocket deuces, Laak was up against De Wolfe's pocket eights. However, when the flop was revealed to have another deuce, the tables were turned and Laak took home his second win for this season of Premier League.

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