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Online poker sites work to accommodate US players


Online poker sites are doing their best to assist their US players with the ability to continue depositing their funds since the UIGEA took effect. The UIGEA has made it so that it is illegal for the companies in the US to process players deposits into their online poker accounts and this has made it more difficult for players to find banking methods if they happen to reside in the US. FullTilt Poker is one online poker site which has made some changes which make it easier for their US players to process their deposits.

FullTilt finds an easy way to help US players

The step that FullTilt Poker took was a simple one, but it should help US residents be able to get around the UIGEA and get their funds deposited into their FullTilt account. The popular and well known online poker site rebranded their Instant eCheck option and instead made it a Quick Deposit option. This made no real changes to the function of this deposit method, but the fact that it has been rebranded does allow for the continuation of this deposit method.

UIGEA has caused online poker rooms and US players to be more flexible

The UIGEA intended to make it more difficult for the US players. However, they may not be seeing the results they were looking for due to the fact that there are so many options out there the US players can still use to deposit their funds. Online poker sites like FullTilt will do their best to accommodate those US players and find a way around the UIGEA since it means they will be able to retain those players. Online poker sites will of course want to do all they can in order to be able to keep as many of their loyal players as possible.

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