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Online poker players take a stand against the UIGEA


Anyone the least bit interested in poker will want to make sure they follow the poker happenings which are set to take place on June 1st. This will be the day that the online poker community ill come together in order to protest the implementation of the UIGEA. UIGEA stands for Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The definite deadline for the implementation of this act has been set for June 1st. With this date just a few weeks' away, online players have been meeting up in chat rooms and forums in order to discuss what it is they can do in order to protest the UIGEA implementation.

Why are players taking these steps?

Online poker has gained a huge amount of popularity and there are even many players who earn their living this way. This Act would make it much more difficult for these players to participate in those poker games. Not only would this cause a lot of online players to not be able to enjoy one of their favorite pastimes, but many would also lose one of their sources of income. Online players are taking this very personal and they want to do what they can in order to stop this act from going into action. Online poker has become a huge part of many people's lives in a large variety of ways and this act would cause them to possibly have to give up online poker altogether, something they aren't willing to do.

How will the protest happen?

The protest against the UIGEA will take place online. This makes perfect sense since it's the online poker players and poker sites that are being targeted. On June 1st many online players will gather on the Internet and enjoy online poker at their favorite poker rooms. It's not known if the protest will help. However, it will show that online poker players are not willing to simply give up their online poker without putting up a fight. Many players are waiting to see what will happen due to the protest which will have a great number of them playing poker online on the same date the act goes into action.

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