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New Team Member for PKR


The online poker sites are gathering the best of the best players and offering them a place on their team. PKR is one more of the online poker sites trying to get together an amazing team of their own, and so they have found themselves a great professional poker player to add to their PKR Pro Team. PKR has announced that they have just added a female poker player; none other than Sofia Lovgren who comes from Sweden and also goes by the online name of welllbet will be joining the PKR team.

What does Sofia thinks about this opportunity

Sofia has been playing on PKR since she registered on the site during 2008.
Since then, she has proved herself to be one of the biggest earners out of the sites large number of female poker players. She has proven herself to be among the best of the poker players, and her record shows that she has what it takes to be considered to be an excellent choice for PKR to select to be on their team. Sofia has said that she considers it to be a pleasure to be on the team. She also said she feels it is a very good opportunity for her and she looks forward to taking her online game into live events.

What will happen now?

Now, Sofia will join the other PKR team poker players and see where this takes her. She has a great attitude and she obviously has what it takes to get noticed and picked to be on the PKR team. She has also said that she has one main goal which she would like to meet at this point. The goal that she has set for herself is she would like to see her cash game bankroll double this year. She also has said that she has hopes of emulating another one of Sweden's poker players, Isildur1's amazing success at some point in her career. However, for now she is proud to be at the point she is currently at with her poker career.

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