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It came to our attention around the start of June from an affiliate manager Natalie Johnson of 3Aff the group that owns and runs the affiliate department of Luck3 Poker that "Luck 3 is over".

According to Natalie, staff were not paid for at least two months time and any communication with management went unresponded. With that being said, we also noticed all our own communications with Luck3 Poker went without a reply. We tried at least 3–4 times to email them and ask them what was going on with affiliate and player payments. Let's face it – if a poker site cannot pay their own staff, then it's logical to assume they will not pay affiliates. Most importantly and troubling is the fact that players are now being burned yet once again.

We attempted to contact the Cake Poker Network who were the software providers and supported Luck3 Poker, and they also would not have the decency to reply to us with any formal response, almost like they were two peas in the pod. To this day Cake has made no
official statement as to the nature of their relationship with Luck3 and whether or not players will ever get their funds back.

We spoke to at least one player of Luck3 Poker who claimed his money was gone. We monitored the forums online and noticed many other affiliates who also were being scammed from this outfit and not being paid or communicated with.

For more information on this debacle please read the following forums and sites that have been proactive recently in helping stop the scam by reporting to the public how shameful this operator is.

There is a post at Affiliate Guard Dog that we started in the beginning of June to get word out of the fact they were shutting down ––luck3–poker–may–shutting–down–t2753.html.

The PokerKeep a well known and trusted affiliate in the online poker industry also noted a warning on his blog that Luck3 Poker was shutting down ––poker–warning.html

Moreover, blacklists are starting to circulate regarding this rogue operator by another well respected affiliate from Poker Player US on his forum here ––luck3–blacklisted–rogue–operators–running–loose.html.

After considerable time and pressure from some affiliates – the GPWA finally came on board and revoked their sponsorship away and posted them in their Affiliate Program Warnings Section ––going–belly–up–189827.html. Please note – Luck3 Poker has been removed from the Cake Poker Network finally, but still remain as a Casino operating and taking all players money. Please avoid for your own safety.

When we started affiliating for Luck3 Poker and Casino we trusted that they were above board and would not pull scams on players and affiliates like many newer brands have done in the past, but unfortunately just like the rest of the shady businesses online – Luck3 turned out to be a BIG SCAM – AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Luck 3 is like Dracula in one respect – while Dracula will suck all your blood, Luck3 will suck all your money from you and then run off into the night – LUCK3ULA.

Avoid these scam artists at all costs. Stay safe!

Count Luck3ula
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