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Lacey Jones joins FullTilt

Full Tilt Poker

Many of the popular online poker rooms have their own teams and sponsored poker pros. The online poker sites continue to add more poker pros to their teams on just about a daily basis. FullTilt is one of these poker sites and they have added a new name to their roaster. Lacey Jones has made her way over to FullTilt Poker. Lacey Jones is known as a very beautiful poker player who has made a great name for herself in the poker world with her ability to be a great host, as well as being a professional poker pro. She is no stranger to online poker and has also been a part of other online poker sites.

Lacey Jones comes from another poker site

This isn't the first time Lacey Jones has found herself a sponsored player for a popular online poker site. In fact, up until just a few weeks ago she was a sponsored player for Absolute Poker. The news that she was leaving Absolute Poker spread quickly on the Internet and made its way into many of the forums. It's a somewhat common practice for poker players to find themselves on a few different online poker sites throughout the years. Either something happens between the player and the politics of the poker site, or they just make a personal decision to go somewhere else for one reason or another. Sometimes it's as simple as the poker player simply wanting a change of pace.

Lacey Jones made two big announcements one after the other

It had just been announced that lacey Jones would be separating from Absolute Poker and it seems almost right away that it was announced she would be joining FullTilt. Lacey has been a spokesman for the Canadian Poker Tour. Joining FullTilt will undoubtedly help Lacey to continue her growth in the poker industry and further herself even more. FullTilt should also consider itself lucky to have been able to have grabbed her up. Lacey Jones brings a lot to the table and has become known as a competitive player with good poker abilities.

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