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Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee Wins the EPT Title

Kevin MacPhee
"Picture above courtesy of Pokerlistings"

Day 4 of the EPT Berlin was certainly a very eventful one, what with all the commotion that went on during the robberies. However, despite the tension, Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee was able to best the field of 945, successfully making his way to the very top and claiming the title as well as the $1,000,000 prize.

An Early Lead

Going into the final table, MacPhee actually had the lead in terms of chip count. However, if you've been watching poker tournaments long enough, you'll know that being the chip leader actually means moot, what with the extreme swings that can happen throughout the game. But unlike most other chip leaders who enter the final table only to lose all their chips at one point or another, MacPhee was actually different. He had to best some of the greatest international poker pros today, but he managed – rather gracefully, I might add – to come out on top.

Still, those at the final table were no pushovers. In fact, it took all of two hours before the first player found himself on the way to the exit. Nico Behling went into the final table with a rather short stack. He found himself in hot water soon enough, when he fell against Marcel Koller's hand. Marko Neumann followed only shorty after, pitting his A– K against MachPhee's pockt kings. The board did not help Neumann at all, and he had to go home at 7th place. This win was significant for MacPhee as it solidified his place as the chip leader. Next to go was Koller. Koller was actually the only amateur in the final table, and this earned him quite a gathering of fans in the crowd.
However, their support could only go such a long way, and Koller had to be eliminated at sixth place. Next to go was Nathwani, a British pro who built his stack by three– barrel bluffing. He was actually second in terms of chip count, but after failing a bluff against MacPhee, he had to exit at fifth place and make MacPhee's stack even larger. Artur Wasek was next to go, leaving the table at 4th place. Marc Inizan followed shortly after the dinner break, when he lost against MacPhee, further improving the latter's chip stack.

Heads– Up Play

With all the other players gone, MacPhee and Tahkokallio were the only ones left. They battled it out in a heads– up battle which actually lasted for several hours. Despite MacPhee's lead, the chip count actually see– sawed between the two players. However, though Tahkokallio fought bravely and intelligently, it was still MacPhee who took home the title as well as the grand prize.

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