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Joe Cada to be featured in a Reality Show

Joe Cada
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There is good news for all of those poker fans out there that can't seem to get enough of it. There is going to be a new reality show which will follow the lives of five young men trying to navigate the poker world. The show will be filled with drama and poker. It will be just the thing for those that enjoy poker and like to watch reality TV; it's the perfect blend of both of those things. The show has not aired yet; it is expected to air sometime this fall. That gives poker enthusiasts plenty of time to get their DVR's ready! This show is being called 6th Street and it should be full of some great poker action.

What can viewers expect from the show?

The show will follow these young men on a daily basis. This means viewers will get a real feel for what it's like for those in the true poker scene. Viewers will also be let in on the player's personal lives. They will get to know the players family and friends. They will get to see them at their best and their worst. The drama, the partying, and the trials and tribulations will all be shown for the viewers so they will get a real feel of what life is like for these young men.

Is this for real?

There are some shows which lead the viewers to believe the show is real. They become disappointed when they learn that a lot of the stuff, if not all of it, is staged. However, this is not the case for 6th Street. When asked, Joe Cada has said that there is nothing staged about the show. In fact, he went on to say some of the things in the trailer embarrassed him so much he now wishes he never made it. This is definitely something for those true poker fans to keep an eye out for. This show is sure to have some crazy moments in it and it should make for great TV.

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