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Joe Cada Speaks of Life as a Poker Pro

Joe Cada
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Imagine your daughter dating a new boyfriend. Of course, you would naturally want to get to know the boyfriend, and it would really impress you to find out that he is financially stable, has been around the world, and is famous in his own rights. But imagine your shock, and disappointment, maybe, when you find out that he gets his money from being a professional poker player. This is exactly what young Joe Cada sometimes goes through.

The Ambassador

Joe Cada, a 22– year– old poker pro, is recognized as the ambassador of poker as sports. He went on a lot of interviews, urging people to think of poker not as a gambling game per se but as a sport itself. Cada has been on numerous mass media appearances, and, in fact, he has already been on the Late Show with David Letterman, talking about the sport and how he wants to change people's view about the game.

He knows changing people's outlook of poker is a tough job, but he wants to put it across that poker is not just a game of luck, as what gambling really is all about, but is very much a game of skill, too, as you have to have an in– depth knowledge of the game as well as have strategies and techniques to beat your opponents.

The Poker Pro

Cada knows the importance of education and a college degree, and his decision to leave college to go pro was not an easy one.

His mother worked in a casino, at a blackjack table, and she knows the ramifications of chasing losses, especially since she has seen a lot of gamblers lose more than what they can afford. Of course, no parent wants this to happen to their child, but Cada stood firm in his decision to go pro.

In the end, it seemed that it was a good decision for him as he made almost a quarter million of dollars when he was just 19 years old, and his bankroll increased the more he played and won in poker games.

On Practical Advices

He admits that building his poker bankroll was not a very easy thing to do. For one, there were major losses and the need to chase these losses. Secondly and most importantly, he learned that bankroll management was the most important thing to take to heart if you really want to be successful.

Today, Cada is the youngest poker pro to have won the WSOP Main Event, and he has earned more than eight and a half million dollars in poker. As a poker player and the ambassador of the game, he urges people to think of poker as a sport, not only as a gambling game. Furthermore, he advocates others to really hone their skills before turning pro. And lastly, he advices poker players like him to never chase a loss as it can always lead to more losses.

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