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It's Official: Poker is now a Sport


A few months ago the rumors began all over the Internet that poker had become accepted as a sport by the IMSA, but the official word was not out yet. However, it has now been made official. The IMSA is now recognizing poker. This is a good thing for poker; it will have people looking upon the game as more than simply a game of luck. Anyone familiar with poker knows that it takes much more than luck and it actually does have a lot to do with skill. Maybe this acknowledgement by the IMSA will open a lot of people's eyes to just how much skill poker really does take to become successful at it.

What does this mean to poker?

The fact that the IMSA now recognizes poker may be just the thing poker needed. At this time there are a lot of changes taking place within the poker scene and this must be just the thing to help poker to become more widely acceptable and help online poker to achieve its goal of becoming legally accepted in those areas where it is not legal now. This also means that poker will now have the chance to be showcased during the World Mind Sports Games. This event will take place in London during 2012. The game of poker has waited a long time to get this kind of recognition and many people are glad the news of this has finally been made official after months of speculation.

Thoughts on this recognition

The organization that took a large part in this process was the International Poker Federation. In fact, they were the ones who actually headed the process. Poker pro Doyle Brunson is a member of the advisory board and after the announcement was made he said that he believed that history will show that this was a key moment for poker. He also pointed out the fact that poker has been given many obstacles and has faced governmental controls. Maybe this will help for poker to finally get the recognition and the global acceptance that this sport so deserves.

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